Exciting Information On Western Music

Music is an art which facilitates expression of feelings and emotions. Country music has always been the most famous genre of music for years now. There is no proper definition to music. Enquiring people about the definition of music will fetch you different answers as it differs according to the person’s perspective and feelings. Pasty Cline, Johnny Cash, Jonny Denver, Taylor Swift are some of the very famous country music talents across the globe. They appeal to a wide range of audience and are liked by people of all ages.

Western music has now become popular among the masses and the artists performing western music are widely welcomed and loved by people all over the world. Country music found its origin in the early 1920’s at the regions of the southern areas of the United States of America. Country music developed from the roots of the American folk music and Western music. They constitute simple harmonies that may also contain dance tunes and lays (ballads). They are usually accompanied by stringed musical instruments like the harmonicas, non-electric guitars and banjos.

Country music was originally termed hillbilly music and it gained fame and popularity during the 1940’s.  Now hillbilly music represents different subgenres and various styles. By 2009, Country music gained worldwide recognition and were played and listened to at all times ranging from busy hours to peaceful get together. Country music has now evolved to become the most sorts after genre of music in America and are commonly played during the morning programmes. Max Ellis and John Minson have worked together to put down specifications which come under this genre, and they coined these results during their promotional tour to Tamworth festival.

  •         Country music has only a limited number of chords which proceeds with simplicity. They can be easily played. The popularity of this genre is mainly because of its characteristics. Also the audience can relate and interpret the song’s lyrics and meaning easily.
  •         Although it has simple and playable chords, it has a strong base in its story line. Albums like the “pub with no beer” and “the band played Waltzing media” depicts its characteristics.
  •         These genres have an attractive chorus that supports the storyline. This is the reason why people can easily and recall a country song and its lyrics.
  •         It constitutes recognisable musical instruments. They use acoustic guitars, banjos and harmonicas. Orchestras, winged instruments and organs are not generally used in country music.
  •         It influences and brings an impact to the entire country and brings them together easily.

Country music has now evolved to become unavoidable at all occasions. Taylor Swift has worked and performed beautifully and has revived this genre completely. The genre reached its zenith until she switched on to pop music. But still the genre outshines all others and has gained limelight through performances and songs of other talented musicians.  In spite of being old fashioned when compared to today’ genres like pop and rap, country music still has got its true and loyal fan base.

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