What is the best reason or concern for us to listen to folk music?

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The economic interventions of the folk music

The new award system of folk music can be one of the prominent reasons for people getting their interests into it. The folk music or traditional music was the priority before 1960 – 1970. Later then the Jazz and gospels music ruled the hearts of incidents to date before the launch of the award system for folk music last May.

The folk music is not rich in terms of economic structures when we compare it to the other forms of music like hip-hop, opera, and JAZZ. The folk music does not find its place at puns or parties. Today, folk music is limited to a few festivals or is played forcefully on some national holidays.

The economic problems of the artists promoting folk music

The artists of folk music do not have fans like the rock music ones and have to perform with their instruments at low-scale pay and small stages in some rural parts of the country. These artists are trying their very own best to promote the importance behind the culture of folk music.

Some of the lovers of folk music are also performing free or paying to promote the importance of folk music in almost all the platforms of social media including the television and the radio.

Due to the decrease in popularity among the audience, the critics are tough and are always ready to discriminate against the folk singers on their writings and expression skills. A large number of efforts and arguments are only limited to the social media comments page and we can surely witness a period of extinction of folk music.

The interference of politics and media in the folk music trends

One of the popular folk singers Chris wood recently released an album where he used some angry quotations on people who marked or questioned the worth of folk music. Since then the media and some renowned politicians have started a wise-saying quote called “Anger is not a policy”. This crash has helped the dice rollover in the favor of the folk music and has involved public support to the folk music culture. It is to wonder that, the music which ruled our ancestral feelings holding our emotional bonds is a point of argument in this technologically focused world. It will be a tough journey for the folk music to establish its bond among the people.

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