Some of the notable characteristics of folk music

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Origination and description of the evolution of folk music

It is believed that folk music traces its technical origination from the 19th century. There is no perfect date or year to describe the original start or discovery of folk music. We can have detailed information about the lifestyles of our ancestors by practicing folk music.

The rural parts of every country are the best places to find real folk music. The folk music in the rural portions plays a major role in educating the people of the society with entertaining aspects.

The folk music was the only module or tradition to pass on essential information to future generations when no mobile phones or e-mail id exists around that time. The essential messages were transmitted orally in a soft tone for the people to remember it for the rest of their life and forward the same to their forthcoming generation

Why the original creators of folk music are having been lost today?

The music which describes or possesses olden styles of writing will be included in folk music. Due to the nationalism concepts in the past, the original creators of folk music did not take any credit for creating or developing it. We can say this as one of the popular concepts behind no copyrights act on folk music. The selfish artists are adding their names by editing the folk music and are deliberately snatching the credit of the deserved artist of our ancient and glorious past.

The characteristics of folk music

  • Due to the lack of knowledge of the creators, it becomes difficult to find out a particular pattern or design to frame folk music. We can still find some popular similarities in the folk music of different cultures and use these concepts to frame the structure of folk music in this generation.
  • The folk music began with one mainline and the successors of the line have a rhyming end till the end of the song.
  • Some of the popular folk song lyrics are like Q & Na’s with the first stanza giving the doubt or question and the second stanza explaining the doubt or clearing the question.
  • The folk music does not take concepts from shastras. They are unique and diverse in their classification.
  • The typical formats of the folk music include sports, politics, and agricultural era of the period of the song.

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