The Remarkable Effect of Music to Relieve Stress

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The UPSC exam is just around the corner and we can witness it all around the country. Lakhs of aspirants all over the nation are preparing very hard for this esteemed exam. The level of competition is intense and tough and is very well known with the pass percentage of just 1%. The aspirants of IAS are having a tough time studying very hard as they will have to complete almost a three-degree course in one shot.

There are many articles guiding the students to various study techniques and coaching centers. But this article is a little different helping the students not for coaching centers but to relieve their stress and help them relax. Their mind is so stressed that it becomes impossible for them to concentrate on their studies. Only when you are stress-free, you will be able to learn and perform well in your exam. So the first and the most important point to remember while preparing for your IAS exams is to keep your mind and body stress-free. This is also the prime tip given in one of the best IAS academy in Chennai.

But how is it possible to be stress-free when one will have to cover such vast portions. Well, the answer is listening to music. Yes, you read it right. Listening to music has so many benefits that will help you to concentrate better and also relieve you from stress. Many students swear by this method and it has also proved to be successful as well. If you still have doubts about listening to music while studying, take a look at some of the benefits below.

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Benefits of Listening to Music while Studying

  • It helps you in improving your attention level. Good background music will help you to stay focused.
  • There are many studies that prove that listening to music aids in improving your memory power. This phenomenon is known as the Mozart Effect.
  • It has been witnessed in many students that when one listens to music while studying, they improve a lot in working out maths mentally.
  • When one prepares for the IAS exam, they sure feel the stress rising up. The music will calm their minds and help them to stay relaxed.
  • When a person listens to music, Dopamine is released in the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that powers the pleasure centers of the brain. Hence listening to music helps one to stay relaxed and happy.

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Points to keep in mind when you study while listening to music

While it has been proved by many theories that listening to music is of great advantage and benefits the listeners, one must also take few cautions. Hence, there are a few points one must take care of when you study while listening to music. They are as follows.

  • The music type plays a major role in the concentration part. It can impact you positively and also negatively. Take care when you choose the music type.
  • Loud music can sure play a distractor card. Do not play hard or loud music when you are preparing for your exams.
  • When there is some particular sequence, that needs to be memorized, music will act as a distracter.
  • Sometimes the music lyrics can also distract you and confuse you with your studies.
  • Make sure you opt for soft music rather than rock music. It is better to listen to music than listening to songs.

Points that one must take care of while studying

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They are as follows.

  • Do not listen to music with the volume full on. The volume must be at the lowest so that you get the maximum benefit.
  • Listen to music and not songs. The lyrics of the songs may confuse you and will also not be able to concentrate on your studies.
  • The music that is best to hear is soft and classical music. They are harmonious and they soothe the brain as well.
  • Instrumental music is also considered as one of the best music to improve your concentration and aid you to lower your stress level.
  • Listen to the sound of nature like animals, rain, birds, etc. It has been proved that this music has a calming and relaxing effect.
  • Make sure you have your playlist ready so that you will not have to keep looking for the track.
  • Do not listen to music through the radio. It will distract you immensly.

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