Variant forms of Indian classical music

Tradional Musical Instruments Veena and Tabla on display.

Why the Indian classical music is so special?

Indian music is purely devoted to spiritual experiences. Indian classical music is ancient and is always remains a social activity among people. People who want to learn classical music have to provide a life-long relationship and commitment to earn the ripened fruits of success that it is known to provide. One can never take classical Indian music for granted as it requires rigorous training and a permanent routine.

To be clear western music is completely different from classical Indian music. A person interested to learn classical Indian must be away from Western culture to improvise and adapt classical standards of music.

The western music is formed and depends on three important aspects like rhythm, melody, and harmony. Meanwhile, Indian music is solely dependent on increasing its performance of melody. The rhythm and harmony do play their paramount role in shaping a texture and providing sensuality to the tone of the music.

The typical Indian ragas are quite similar to a language

Most of the experts from classical Indian music consider it as language. When a person wants to learn a language they have to possess crucial basic grammar and vocabulary knowledge to create their sentences. The same are the ragas (like a musical theme).

If a person is ready with the classical Indian basic notes they can play and create their unique ragas without any concern. By developing and improvising ragas one can easily create a new melody in classical music. Many experts call it a life-line of the survival of classical to date and also in the future.

How much time does it takes to become professional classical musicians?

Well, there is no exact measure as classical music is ancient and not a graduation. Generally, one can find professional classical Indian musicians over the age of 40’s, describing the hard work and dedication it takes to meet the professional standards. For a newcomer, it takes a lot of time to learn the language of music which needs some clear structure and conclusion to perform hour-long plays

How to define a raga in classical Indian tone?
The ragas are typical scales out of which the music extracts its life. Classical music is always empty without ragas. There are diverse types of ragas that are related to different types of moods inside a human.

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