Some of the notable distinguishes between western and Indian classical music.

Great Hindustani Classical Musician Playing Sitar During A Concert.

What is western music and how is it different from Indian?

Many unaware of the western classical music think it as part of background music played at a concert, elevator, or reception rooms and dining halls of restaurants. The truth is that western classical music has a sound history and a magnified past to be explored. Western classical music mostly covers the European forms of classical music which in Roman language means the top of the highest order of music.

Many people do consider western classical music’s origination is from the classic era of history. But again we will the truth that the music from the classical era is differentiated from its past and the future. Then what is the western classical music? Let us get into it deeper some other day as we have to go with distinguishes of it with the Indian classical music.

Primary differences between classic and western music

The Indian and western music are the best among their positions and none is wrong or the other is best, in fact, both are not mutually exclusive to each other. The only thing which joins them is the way of delivering expressions and emotions through melodies. The music enthusiasts can appreciate both the grades by knowing much more about them.

Homophonic Vs Polyphonic
The Indian classical music is homophonic which is based on ragas that contain a particular set of notes to produce a song. The western music culture is polyphonic which beliefs in the mixture of various tones and harmony into their field. Though the recipes of the western music culture lack melody still they are capable to provide the best taste to their listeners.

Composition and improvisation standards between the duos

One of the most special distinguishes between both styles is composition and improvisation. The western culture pen down their notes and create a new composition to listen. Indian classical music depends and improvises their style of music by practicing. Indian classical performers tend to improve their developmental skills with every on-stage performance.

Group and Individual identities
Indian classical music depends on the singer and the music composer which shine during a show without any group efforts. The western culture also follows similar methods but with group efforts. One can witness solo performers in western culture too at some concerts or hosting shows.

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