Different genera of the Indian folk music

Traditional Folk Musicians of Rajasthan performing in an outdoor event.

Fascinating history about Indian folk music

Music has played an important role in shaping Indian culture and providing it unique and inspiring forms of expression. India itself is a birth of diversity in various regional forms. Almost every single religion has its own form of folk music like Bhangra in Punjab, Garba in Gujarat, and Bhavagatee in Karnataka. One can trace out the Indian folk music styles since the origination of Mahabharata.

The history of the Indian folk music dates since 1500 BC. Some also say that Indian folk music is as old as the country’s origin. The Pandavani form of folk music finds its roots from Mahabharata which is one of the oldest epics of the country. The music is a claim of the character of Bhīma who is very strong and stout to win the tough battles single-handedly.

Music as the heredity in India

Indian people relate folk music with their celebration during a regional festival, birthday celebration, or temple inauguration. The ancient Indians did not pen down the critical information which has to be passed out the forthcoming generations. They used the songs to remember the information and pass it on to the coming generations. This can help one understand the importance given to folk music by Indians since the past.

Though the taste for folk music is decreasing gradually due to the popularity of youth shifting towards rap and fast-paced western music still the festivals aren’t completed without one folk show.

The diversity of the Indian folk music

As previously said India itself is diverse among its cultural practices the folk music cannot be separated from the wide diversity of the country. The origin and style of the Folk music are quite similar but the only point differing them is practice depending on the diverse states in the country. The traditional folk songs were written by great poets or writers of a region denoting integrity and socialism acts. One such writer is Rabindranath Tagore who is famous for his works for the Indian national anthem and also wrote several poems and songs to encourage the people in India to fight for their freedom. Every such writer encouraged and cultivated the roots of folk music in their style which today are cherished by the nearby locations on festive occasions. As of today, every Indian state has its folk music combined with the traditional dance form.

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