Pros and cons of traditional music

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Introduction to the traditional music concepts

Traditional music is the symbol of a country’s past which goes on from one generation to the other. The traditional music is not commercial but used to describe the unique characteristics of a country or tradition of a religion. Every country has its own traditional music which is based on their living culture and life-style. It is very hard to say which is best as all the diversities have their unique way of presenting music.

The concept of nationalism through traditional music

Music is conceived in every country as every international sports contest begins with national anthems of the teams participating in it. This point reflects the importance of music in national culture. The national songs unite people and also convey and highlight any particular incident or the geographical details about the country. In the past , music was used to identify and segregate people from different communities and countries. All the people from a country have an emotional attachment with music and hence play them on some integral national holidays and occasions. We can surely say that traditional music can help people of the country to hold their unity among themselves.

Copyrights are snatching the traditional music creators reputation

There is no copyright act for using traditional music. Due to the lack of copyrights, many artists earn millions by copying traditional songs. The real creators of traditional music are left un-identified and lose the credit which their efforts deserve a lot. The creators of traditional national music did not demand money for creating the songs as they were composed of nationalism.

The instruments also play a major role in describing the history of a country. Due to advancements in technology the traditional instruments are rare and preserved which are helping the creators to gain the credit. Just like unique music the unique instruments do help in recognizing the national culture or tradition of a country.
Continuous loss of traditional music

Most of the ancient songs were transferred orally and were not written or recorded to preserve. Owing to the lack of preservation many critics are eager to point out the reality behind the creation of the music. The experts also believe that due to an unfortunate incident the future generation might have been deprived by listening to old songs. The lack of proficiency in the past is making it difficult for the researchers to discover and exhibit the songs.

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