The different genre of western music

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Music is a part of our soul and planet

We all love music from a little kid to an adult who has different choices in music. Some like gospels while others are happy with soft tones. Indeed, music is an integral part of our life in supporting our emotions when people cannot. Many people listen to music when they have to get relief from stress or music. All the parties or people gatherings occasion is empty without the intervention of music.

Music can be vocal or with instruments and sometimes with the combination of both creating an exceptional and creative experience for the music lovers. We will discuss more about music with the classifications and diversifications of western music culture.

The classification of western music

When a person thinks about the term “western music’ the first thing strikesnis their mind is America. Both the terms sound the same for many people. Many of us think that there are only two distinct types of music,

  • Western music and
  • classical music

But both the main categories have lots of sub-categories and goes on dividing with every religion or caste having their ways of celebrating music in diverse styles.

The western music is also divided into country music and the one which we all know the western culture which is Jazz hip-hop and much more adrenaline-boosting stuff.

The country music had an older name called hillbilly and got the name country music in 1940. The discovery of the country music was the influence of the European texture.

The two popular styles of western music

1. Classical western music
The music composition from the periods like medieval, renaissance, and modern (1750-1830) has their unique styles of representations. Different periods had different effects on the classics and ethics of western music. The western classical music is quite similar to Indian classical music in aspects like efforts that it demands from people who develop an interest in it. It takes a lot of patience and hard work to become a pro at western classical music.

2. Pop music
The pop music is like the latest invention that got its peak love in the late 19th century. Especially Michael Jackson can be one of the reasons behind the increase in popularity of pop music. The upbeat mood and easy structure helps people in hearing and is also deviated from the understanding concepts of classical music.

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